WordPress Stock Market Article Generator


I’m looking for someone who already has or can develop an Stock Market Article Generator based on GPT-3 for WordPress.

I have two examples here and here

As you can see with the second site, if you go to there homepage it seems they can generate a lot of these articles.

Can this be done with GPT-3?

Should be straightforward. I don’t think there is a PHP library for OpenAI yet so I would use popen to call a Python script as discussed here. Running a python script within wordpress - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

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You need to have a source of truth.

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What if I want to feed the system with 3-4 specific articles (url links) that I want the text to be generated from? Do you have any source of what to look at to make this? Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately, as far as I know, there’s no way to get GPT-3 to “read” the content of url links. You should be able to use a programming language to make an http request for the url links, then convert the text to readable text, then summarize that. The total of summaries + completion must be less than 2048 tokens (1500 words), so the more summarized article you provide, the less completion you get back.


Its definitely possible however you need to have the ability to put the stock data in the prompt somehow. If you can do that, you can create an article automatically. See how I used open AI to do similar tasks (not exactly the same purpose as yours)

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