WordPress Stock Market Article Generator


I’m looking for someone who already has or can develop an Stock Market Article Generator based on GPT-3 for WordPress.

I have two examples here and here

As you can see with the second site, if you go to there homepage it seems they can generate a lot of these articles.

Can this be done with GPT-3?

Should be straightforward. I don’t think there is a PHP library for OpenAI yet so I would use popen to call a Python script as discussed here. Running a python script within wordpress - WordPress Development Stack Exchange

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You need to have a source of truth.

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What if I want to feed the system with 3-4 specific articles (url links) that I want the text to be generated from? Do you have any source of what to look at to make this? Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately, as far as I know, there’s no way to get GPT-3 to “read” the content of url links. You should be able to use a programming language to make an http request for the url links, then convert the text to readable text, then summarize that. The total of summaries + completion must be less than 2048 tokens (1500 words), so the more summarized article you provide, the less completion you get back.