Wondering about early access for new search engine

I was very thankful to test out dall e in early access and had a blast ushering in tools for artists.

As a lead researcher I’m very interested in the new search engine and wish to apply for testing. I’m working on bias and acceptance in applications for NSF, DHS, and DoD involving vast changing data which I’m working on pushing analysis post mortum to predictive. Tools like yours have enabled me to replicate entire research teams into synthetic. I’m absolutely ready to push the limits. That’s my job.


Welcome to the forum!

The OpenAI staff do not monitor this forum so sorry to say but your request will most likely never be seen by any OpenAI staff.

Also AFAIK there is no official place to apply apply for testing.

My best advice would be to submit GitHub pull request and try to get noticed that way.

The Cookbook would be a good repository to start.

Ty will do. I asked my connection who had me skip the millions wait list for dalle 2, I’m an extremely high risk technical innovator. More of a break the system and report person. Push the limits. I’ve been doing text to video for a while and it’s been a struggle to contain cohesion. I suspect why limited time.

But yes will do, I’m going to send a research proposal too for NSF.

Hey Jake, we have not announced a new search engine. If we do, we will have details in said announcement with information on how to join a waitlist (if there is one) or access this service.

But again, such service does not exist today so there’s nothing to get early access to.