Will GPT4o be used by CustomGPTs?

Hello everyone!

I am not sure if this has been clarified by OpenAI but will CustomGPTs use GPT4 or GPT4o?



I’m curious about the same thing. So far I haven’t seen any option to select gpt4o

I’m also curious, because I’ve made quite a few GPT’s that would benefit from GPT4o multi modality to create images along with text in the same go, whereas before with GPT’s I could generally only generate text consistently.

I had just read on a Reddit post that gpt-4o will be rolling out for custom gtps in the next few weeks.

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Could you share a post link, please?

Yes, I guess it’s hard to believe. Here is the link


so far i think it is still 4 not 4o for the gpts.
since i’ve ask same question to them but obviously the gpts answer slowly and not so smart.

I think GPTs might just have switched to 4o, because in the GPT4 model the output in Ukrainian previously was limited to a couple of paragraphs and was incredibly slow. Currently I’m using a custom GPT in Ukrainian, and the output is lightning fast, very long, and the overall structure and feel gives more 4o vibes than just 4

Yeah, after additional tests now I’m 100% sure

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They 100% are, if you look at the exports you can see. My question is, how can you select if you want this?