How to update existing GPTs to use new GPT-4o model?

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Is it possible somehow to update existing custom GPTs to use newest model GPT-4o instead of GPT-4?



Im new to chatGPT and ive just bought the GPT plus a few days ago (mainly to get all access to GPT 4o). I can select GPT 4o but then when i ask it “what version are you it just says its 4”.
I really want to try all these new things im seeing about it being able to see me and things around me ect.

Are you able to select 4o?

I also would like to know this. When trying to ask in the GPT builder, it tells me it’s still using GPT-4 Turbo, so i’m curious as to truly know whether a GPT you’re building or updating is actually using GPT-4o.

The ChatGPT user gets the AI model that OpenAI decides they get for using GPTs, specific to their own login. As of now, I expect all users are now migrated and getting GPTs run by gpt-4o, so you now cannot combine a better model selection with a GPT’s custom behavior.

The AI won’t tell you what it is directly, but you can ask for the knowledge cutoff date, which was omitted for a while but now seems to be October 2023 in GPT-4o’s unseen ChatGPT prompt.

(You can also tell it is GPT-4o because it is exceedingly stupid, not able to reproduce what was just given or follow instructions just placed, with its only inclination now being to recite trained chat, showing below)

I also just noted “if you need any details from the uploaded files”. This is a result of the dumb instructions placed with the internal file search tool sayting the user has uploaded files - despite it being the GPT creator or an API developer using Assistants who has made the documents a function of the AI.

Many custom GPTs have image generation functions (such as Dall-E3) which are still not accessible to free users - for instance, when asking to generate an image of a cat in Dall-E3, it simply says “I can’t create images right now. Can I help you with something else?”. Are there any plans to release image generation functions soon?

Can I use a GPT to generate images?

GPTs that generate images use DALL·E, and we currently do not support the ability to generate images with DALL·E in our Free tier. DALL·E capabilities are available to all users on Plus, Team, and Enterprise plans.

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Does the new GPT-4o model work by default for Custom GPTs only in new conversations, while in conversations that started before this change, the GPT-4 model remains the default?