Wider conversation view, adapting to main windows width

Please do not limit the width of the conversation area to some arbitrary, narrow value. Reading generated code is just painful if one needs to scroll it horizontally for each line, even if the main window is maximized on Wide Screen. The conversation container’s width should automatically adapt to window width as it gets wider. The funny thing is, if the main window gets horizontally shrink beyond certain threshold, the conversation container loses its max-width property and becomes wider than usual, but not wider enough. So to get bigger dialog, one needs to shrink the window (sic!). I’d really appreciate full width dialog that adapts to the width the user wants, not to some narrow fatiguing while reading width.

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Couldn’t agree more.
I have ChatGPT in a full window on a 4K minor, yet I’m constantly having to scroll through tiny narrow code blocks when most of the horizontal screen space is entirely unused. :melting_face: