Why TTS model is charging me more?


Hi, I generate audio using TTS and a pdf document with 15 pages of less than 20k characters. It suppose to cost me $0.30. But it charged me $0.50. I would like to know why it charging me more?

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We had a similar problem last month and Openai gave us a discount, but I didn’t explain why this happened. This month we have the same problem, the API consumption is very high. However, as part of our internal research, we developed an API counting system and it does not match the consumption that OpenAi gives us.
Now we just have to wait and wait for OpenAI’s late response.

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Thank you @AteneaIA . That is worrying. I analyzed the the characters I used and doubled checked using their token counter. They are charging me almost double the advertised price. Let’s see if they can get back to our thread.

We have initiated an internal investigation to improve our understanding and handling of situations similar to those we currently face. As part of this effort, we have implemented an advanced system to monitor the usage of our API. This measure is not new to us; We have faced similar situations in the past. By having concrete data about the use of our API, we will be able to identify trends, foresee potential problems and take more informed and effective actions.