Why some answers are unfinished

Hi, ChatGPT don’t finish the answer, when I start a prompt, is it a character limitation in the free plan ?

Is it happening consistently or just a few times ? There can be a multitude of reasons for it.

  1. The prompt is too big and exceeds the token limit
  2. The connection got cut off from the server in middle. Happens when its busy sometimes
  3. The request ended up going to the moderation endpoint instead of the completion one. which is random.

Hi @Martial,

yes indeed there is a cutoff which is determined by two things:

  1. Specifications by the user, so Chat GPT tries to be as short and concise as it can to provide more helpful repies, so you can do something like specify the volume of the output
  2. Token Limit for the output, this is also quite low when you visit https://chat.openai.com, but if you go to Playground - OpenAI API you can increase this by raising the length-parameter. If you want to use Chat GPT via Sandbox then select Chat first in the panel.

Otherwise the points mentioned by @udm17 under 2 and 3 also apply. I’d like to append only one thing: If you switch the window while Chat GPT is answering then the output will also stop, so stay in the chat for the duration of the reply.

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:
BR Linus