ChatGPT will not print or output lists correctly or fully. why?

I have a current chatGPT that contains a list of 20 items. Each Item has 3 subset (data) and each subset has 1 sets (data)

For example: Name - Patty, Peter, Paul
Paul has age, height, weight
Paul is 43, 5’10", 176 lbs

ChatGPT tells me there are 20 items in the list which is correct
I ask it to print out the list. it starts printing:

  1. paul: age: 43, height: 5’11", weight: 176
  2. patty etc etc

It will not print out all 20 items, it will stop anywhere from number 8, 9, 10, 11.
It is very inconsistent.
I’ve asked it what it’s character limit is and have gotten multiple answers
I have asked it if it has printed out all 20 items and it says yes,
I have asked it what is the next persons name after paul, answer: there is no other person
What is person number 2: it is patty. Is patty after paul: yes What is the next person after paul, there is no other person.

My biggest frustration is that it won’t Print out the list. It always stops. Whether it’s printing on the screen or in an ouput box it will never complete printing the list to copy and paste it elsewhere.
I asked it how many characters it currently has and it says 786

I just don’t know what I’m missing?

Any help please?

The most common reason for this would be that the token limit for the call runs out. If you’re using the playground, you can see the token limit in the bottom right corner which can help you keep track. You can also increate the total tokens on the right. For the API call, you can use a parameter to define them.

If this does not solve it, you could try and chain a call which asks it to continue again if it stops midway.
Also, do not trust Chat GPT replies for things like what it’s character limit is, it is text generator fundamentally and will always print something or the other out that may or may not be true.

Hi @my.junkfolder,

I have already answered the question in another context:

I hope this helps you in this case, the other user was able to solve his problem with this procedure. If it does not work for you with the described procedure, please give some more details about your inputs.

hope that helps!