Why do I get incomplete response and output

Asked to generate some sample data and always get about 25~26 records taking a good few seconds which I suppose is due to compute limitations? I’m using the plus version but seems the performance is same with free or plus.

And more importantly why do I only get 25 records when I asked to generate 100 records, seems like its capped to minimise the compute use?

Hi @AIowl,

yes, ChatGPT limits the output to a certain level. A small example: If you would say that you would have 1 million results and there would be no limits, then you could quickly cripple the service.

However, there is a way to get your 100 results, even if it is a bit more complicated:

Input 1 (Prompt & Specification how to awnswer):

“Your Prompt”, Split your answer in four replies, send me first the first answer now when I send “next” send the second one.

Input 2 (let ChatGPT continue)


and so on…

This works reliable for me, hope this helps you as well :slight_smile:

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One other way I’d advise would be to use the Playground, there you can increase the tokens used for your reply, I think standard config of 256 is used via regular access, this also fits the aprox. 25 Results you are getting

Please note that there might be a different pricing model so I’d advice to work with this if the previous suggested solution does not work for you.

Playground - OpenAI API

Given your example, I would respond with following prompt:

Continue starting with transaction date 2023-03-10:

What’s curious is that your example ended with basically the current date. I wonder if it would produce more results if you said something like Starting with date 2023-01-01 in your initial prompt.

thanks, what linus suggested here works for me, not ideal but it works

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