Why not make a plugin to enable chatgpt to make 3d garphics?

The most demanding thing is of making graphics, whether it is a game, or an animation, so why not use chatgpt to make them?

I know for sure that DALLE will be added to the plugins soon.

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Ok, but I meant something similar to point e that can make 3d graphics(either with animation or static) but better as I used point e but it gives bad graphics.

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Not 3D, but I did an experiment with graphical animations: GPT-4 can produce graphical animations

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Why not, indeed. While it is easy for me to post the hurdles and challenges you will face when attempting to have an AI driven architecture integrate into something like Unity - thats the beauty of now - if you want to try, go do it. Come back and share with the community what you learn. Nothing is stopping you from trying anything. Just drive it with passion and quality

Chase W. Norton


Thanks for replying, it would have been easier if chatgpt was capable of making graphics but still I will try to integrate into software I want.