GPT-4 can produce graphical animations

Hi everyone!

I’ve built a simple prototype to generate animations with GPT-4 using Manim:

Manim is a Python library for creating complex animations. It’s the library used by channels like 3Blue1Brown and many more.

Since GPT-4 is getting better at programming. I was wondering what would happen if we connect the two. I call it Generative Manim.

I’ve tried simple things like “Draw a blue circle and turn it into a red square”, or “Draw a circle, and the write the text ‘This is a circle’”, and so on.

Succesful demos of the experiment (Video with examples):

This is a quick experiment to test GPT-4 in animations. An improved production-ready version would have many more things: a continuous error correction for certain parts, maybe a real-time editor, etc.

Try the prototype:


Flowchart of how it works: