Why my account was duplicate charge?

My account have 2500$ free trial usage, and it still deducted in my paid account at the same time after i binding a card and get the paid usage.

Both free trial usage and paid usage was deducted at the same time with the same number.

I can’t get something helpful in my billing info, anyone can tell me ?

You’ll have to wait to see if you were actually billed. I think not.

Usage this month, if your concern, is instead seeming to reflect that percentage of your hard limit that has been used.

It doesn’t look like a duplicate charge to me, rather it is reporting the number in two different places.

The Usage this month line reflects the amount you have used this month in relation to the monthly limit you have in place.

The Credit used line reflects how much of the credit you have allocated to your account you have used total.

My reading of this is just that they are reporting essentially the same usage against two different limits.

Presumably the reason for the different is you used some fraction of a cent worth of your credits before the start of the billing month.

Maybe you knew this though and this was just a clever way to humble-brag about your $2500+ in free API credits? :rofl:

Serious sidenote: How did you end up with a king’s ransom worth of play-money?

No, I really don’t know what the charge rule works.
But what you’re saying makes sense,maybe I misunderstood in Usage this month

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I test it only can use 120$ not 2500$

When i call the api again, it was wrong:
You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details.

Why ? How to use the remaining quota ?

Your usage limit for the month is currently set to $120, you must apply for an increase. See