Why is there no file attachment feature for this forum?

Want to share code here? Want to share 2000 tokens of text others can use as AI knowledge?

You have to awkwardly make a preformatted text section (markdown code block). Then if it is extensive and distracts from the message, hide it in an expanding section “hide details”.

There’s a large number of extensions that could be employed as attachments instead, from .txt to .py. A quick download and you have your example code file to run, or file to upload to a GPT, or PDF to view faithfully.

Discourse already has this.

This forum is happy to download and store megabyte images you merely had linked to. Attachments are less data burden and would further the mission of the forum.

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We discussed this a few months back in the lounge,


It didn’t go anywhere and there were some concerns about possible degradation of the discussion as more people are likely to read a quick, formatted, snippet of code than to download someone’s entire file and read through it looking for the salient bits also questions about moderation challenges related to allowing file uploads.

You were part of the discussion.

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