Add ability to upload a file at thread level

I can’t be the only one wishing to upload a file at a Thread level!
It’s quite rational to assume there will only be a single file discussed during a single thread. However, currently I need to upload the file during each new message request, which can be long and cumbersome (and add to response time).

At the moment, the only other alternative is uploading a file at assistant level feels too broad! I don’t want to have to create a new assistant for each new thread.


Yes, I had the same thoughts. There need to be flexibility in uploading things at the thread level as well.

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Hey @Digist, when you upload a file at the Message level, it is automatically accessible to the entire thread, you do not need to upload it again for every message, you can read more in our docs:

Let me know if there are parts of the docs that don’t make this clear.

If I upload a file in the first message of the thread, will the retrieval quality drop as the number of messages increases in the thread?
Also, what happens when we start dropping the starting messages when the context length maxes out?