Why does this button delete my chat? ("Archive Chat" - now operational)


Why does this button delete the chat? It looks like an archive button but I can’t seem to get the chat that was deleted back. This is mildly infuriating.


Alright, so, as it stands now, this is a feature that must have been launched no more than a few hours ago.

I tried it myself with a test archive, and you are correct, there is currently no way to “restore” or retrieve the archived text.

everyone on reddit is expressing the same issue. The current bandaid is to go back in your chat history.

I suspect they’re going to be deploying this as we speak though. There is a separate option to “delete” a conversation, so the fact that there’s a distinction means the functions are distinct.

All I can say for now is patience while we wait for OpenAI to deploy the ability to access archived conversations, as well as (hopefully) release a public announcement on this. Like I said, this is a brand new feature that’s being rolled out as we speak. Now, why they only released part of this feature is anyone’s guess. That is, for all intents and purposes, odd.

For everyone else:

no touchy

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I found this after I clicked it and it deleted my chat. I don’t know what you mean by “chat history” but I would really appreciate it if you could tell me how to.

‘Archived’ chat is not deleted. It just hidden from the sidebar. If you have link saved in your browser history, you can open it and it will load your ‘archived’ dialog.

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How can I know if I have generated the link or not?

Apologies, I meant browser history, not chat history. My mistake. Thanks itm for catching that.

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New update as of today-- no longer seeing the Archive button. However, “archived” chats still missing.


Phantom features or bugs that appear and disappear…
Are we the only ones who know about this?

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I believe I saw the “Archive” button a few days ago but never messed with it, as I never had a need to archive anything with my one open chat.

I thought the “archive” button was to expand the chat in another way, so I clicked and now my chat is gone. I see the archive button is no longer there, but where is my archived chat? Are we the only ones asking about this?

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I really saw it.
And this button wasn’t in a style that deletes the conversation history.
Don’t judge an icon by what it looks like.


Archived Chats are now accessible under settings.

To archive a chat, the feature is now inside the 3 dots above the “delete chat” button.

Click manage to handle the archived chats and you should be good.


This is awesome. You are a lifesaver. Thank you so much.


Hell yeah! The future is here! :metal:

Fingers crossed that the next update includes Folders

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Less dangerous dialog:


Now, let’s see the screenshots of someone willing to gamble on sticking stuff in there…

The presentation of “shared links” is not ideal - also not indicating ones that got automoderated to 404 oblivion for making the AI say it is gpt-4.5 and other banal stuff.


Thanks for the extra screenshot lol. Did not feel like adding another one.

The presentation of “shared links” is not ideal - also not indicating ones that got automoderated …

What do you mean here?

OpenAI is running something detection-wise on shared chats. Basically anything that is the AI acting as something else disappears. It used to say “been moderated” after following links back to the conversation and trying to share again, now chats are just unshared. Shares also could be being deleted without being accessed for a while, but there’s no warning if that were true, and the “shared links” is unchanged.

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Ah, gotcha. Interesting…

I mean, people have been making fake custom GPTs posing as GPT-4 to exhibit odd behavior on twitter, so I could see why they’re doing that, whether or not I agree or disagree with that implementation. I don’t know how they’d accurately detect some of that stuff though…huh.

For a second I thought you were referencing something I posted wrong and I was like “Oh shit, what did I do?”, but now that I know you were talking about something OpenAI was doing, not my reply, we’re all good lol.

I brought it up off-topic because “shared” is right next to “archived” and looks to indeed have the same UI.

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Shared links are ‘deprecated’ on blogs for various reasons, but they can still be effective in practice.

Unlike the share button, the purpose and origin of the archive button were difficult to understand.

It takes courage to click on something that appears on the ChatGPT screen, but since ChatGPT itself feels like a bit of a gamble, I bravely attempted to restore archived chats and succeeded!

However, it’s uncertain whether the archived chat history is secure, so it’s wise to keep your important data stored separately.

If you mention that you’re asking about the archive feature on ChatGPT, the assistant will provide more details.

Tell me about the Archive button menu that appeared on ChatGPT.