While using Zapier to send an email, the CC field was incorrect

Issue Description:
While using Zapier to send an email, an attempt was made to CC the email to a specific recipient. However, during the generation of the email, the CC field was incorrectly assigned the name “Xiao Ming” instead of a valid email address. This resulted in the email failing to send, as the value in the CC field did not conform to the format of an email address.

Expected Behavior:
The CC field should be assigned a valid email address, such as “XXXXXX@gmail.com,” to ensure successful email delivery.

Actual Behavior:
The CC field was assigned the name “Xiao Ming,” preventing the email from being sent.

Suggested Solution:
When generating the email, ensure that the CC field is assigned a valid email address. If the user provides a name instead of an email address, prompt the user to provide a valid email address.

Context of the Issue:
This issue occurred while using the “Gmail: Send Email” action in Zapier, attempting to send an email containing a math question and answer to a specific recipient and CCing another recipient.

this problem will made task fail