Create GPT actions issue: ChatGPT - Zapier actions - Populate Google docs template

Hi Guys,

I’ve created a custom GPT that uses Zapier actions to populate a document template in google docs with answers from users (the answers are also improved upon by the GPT). However the document fails to populate the fields with any content instead remains blank. I’m wondering is the issue with the instructions or somewhere else. I’ve tired rewriting the instructions numerous times to address the issue. below is an example, other than that I’m stuck. Thanks for reading!

Populate Google Docs:
Use the responses to fill in the predefined tags in the Lean Canvas Google Docs template:
{Customer Segments}
{Unique Value Proposition (UVP)}
{Revenue Streams}
{Cost Structure}
{Key Metrics}
{Unfair Advantage}

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Are you getting an error?

What’s your Zapier actions look like?

Thanks for the reply Paul, below is a screen shot of the issue. If you have time please have a look:

What’s your prompt? Or what is the Zapier action doing? Is it creating it with just those placeholders?

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What’s your Action schema looks like? I guess GPT pass the wrong paramters

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Basically Zapier is supposed to integrate and automate the process of populating the doc template in Google Docs based on users responses to a series of guided questions.

Yes! I did get a wrong paramters error message

Does it have to be a Google doc? If not, have you considered to just rely on code interpreter within your CustomGPT to create a Word document for download?

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