Which plugins are good to read mathematical pdf?

I have AskYourPdf lately for some pdf documents that are related to math and that were partly wirtten with LaTeX. However the plugins do not seem to catch everything from the pdf. Does anyone know how I could overcome the problem? Obviously I cannot copy paste the pdf and put into the chat, so do you have any suggestions what I could do? Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s an ongoing issue without a good solution currently.

I’m doing a Statistics PhD do as you might imagine all of the papers I read are extremely heavy with mathematics.

Of all the plugins I’ve tried, none of them have been able to parse the math environments.

Honestly, your best bet may be to find the paper on arxiv, hope the authors uploaded the LaTeX, convert it to markdown, put it into a vector database and roll your own interface through the API.


I am doing a masters in economics and I also need it for econometrics. And it also does not properly navigate in math environments. It spits out nonsense in some cases.

Yeah, I will maybe try it that way. If you find any god plugin or any other method how to get around the problem, please let me know here. :slight_smile: