Chat GPT and LaTeX - compatible?

Hey, is there a way that Chat GPT converts LaTeX code and not just simply write the script language down? Some math texts are nearly unreadable because of all the LaTeX signs.


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It’s a good point - does anyone know why stuff isn’t rendered? It seems to do a pretty good job of encoding.

Maybe there are subtle bugs they haven’t been able to squeeze out just yet, or maybe they’re trying to cut down on token utilization. latex probably uses a lot of tokens.

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At least for rendering, they’re using KaTeX which isn’t fully compatible with LaTeX at the level that MathJax does.

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You mean Chat GPT uses KaTeX? But shouldn’t be at least simple terms translated then?

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I haven’t seen any katex, but perhaps this is a plugin thing, which I don’t have access to.

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I am seeing katex rendered formulas when I have the wolfram plugin enabled, it will render formulas even before wolfram is called. The same question with my own plugin will not enable katex. Don’t know if this is a setting that can be controlled with ai-plugin.json, that would be interesting to know.


Never mind. Just tried the same prompt on default gpt-3.5 and it also had katex rendered math :slight_smile:


Ah, cool. If you specify to use katex it will do so. It’s a bit broken though, some stuff renders, some stuff doesn’t.

If you don’t specify katex, sometimes it just uses special characters. Depends on the roll of the die, I guess.

Have you seen this topic?

New feature: Properly shown mathematical equations


Hey cool, thanks for the answers! I checked the referred link. To say ChatGPT it should use LaTeX didn’t work well but maybe this prompt will work.
Anyway first I will try the plug-ins. Wolfram Alpha plugin actually sounds nice. Otherwise, the link said something about a plugin TeX all things. Could be useful for other sides as well since sometimes stuff is not rendered correctly.
Thanks again, you helped a lot!

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This one here?
I need to get on that waiting list and hope for the best since plugins are enabled only for pro members for now if I understand them correctly.

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Oh yeah sure, sorry, hearts will be given! < :slight_smile:


Did you get to a solution that works for you?

If so, post what you learned as others here would also be interested, I know I am curious, especially if you are doing something different than noted and/or found a solution different than noted. If you post that as your solution also remember to click the solution box at the bottom of the reply. :slightly_smiling_face:

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As a temporary solution I use this prompt here that was giving in the external link:

Could you please use the specific LaTeX math mode delimiters for your response?

LaTex math mode specific delimiters as following

inline math mode : \( and \)
display math mode: insert linebreak after opening $$, \[ and before closing $$, \]

Just c&p it when I ask ChatGPT something that needs mathematical expressions. It works fine.
I looked for TexAllThings but unfortunately it’s only for Chrome, I use Safari. I am thinking about installing Chrome to try it out but for the moment I am fine with the prompt.

About the Wolfram Alpha Plugin; I found what I linked above. Unfortunally you have to set yourself to a waiting list for being able to use plugins via ChatGPT since it is not fully online yet. Let’s hope for the best - I am really looking forward to access since Plugins are even more powerful! Would be very useful for my physics studies…

Hope the solution will help others here with the same problem. Thank you all for the fantastic support (also with this forum), it’s not usual that people in a forum are actually nice. You are a great community!


I have access to the Wolfram Plugin. Shot me a few prompts here and I will post the replies so you can get some feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your kind offer! I will comer back to you if I need some feedback but for the moment it is okay since LaTeX works now and for equations I use Wolfram directly.
Just two questions: With this Wolfram Plugin ChatGPT can actually solve equations? And how long did you wait for getting access? It’s just so amazing! :star_struck:

Have you seen:

I just received access for ChatGPT plugins about 3 days ago. While I did not get it from being on the waitlist I did get it in an approved manner. Lets just say it pays to be helpful to others and I was not expecting it as such.

Could you perhaps DM me with details about this?

Haven’t found much luck though the waiting list :laughing:

If I did then others would expect the same. :slightly_frowning_face:

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