Where the terms for OpenAI Copyright Shield?

I am using the OpenAI API in my product. Where are the terms for the OpenAI Copyright Shield that they announced? I looked through the business terms and I did see section 10.1 but I don’t think that is it.

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Have you seen

Yes, but unfortunately the last message there is: “Did anyone find any updates on Copyright Shield terms?”

Thanks for the reply.

It’s helpful to mention if you’ve come across a related topic that didn’t have the information you needed. Your response also signals to the moderators that this should be escalated to OpenAI staff.

It appears that users on this platform prefer the term Copyright Shield, but I do not find this term in any publicly available OpenAI documentation. Therefore, it would be valuable to include an FAQ that introduces the term and explains its relationship to OpenAI documentation.

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Answer: Business terms

Section 10: Indemnification

Read carefully. It’s lawyer stuff and will outline when OpenAI will or will not help you defend yourself or will or will not pay for judgements. Most of all, it is for a select type of business use, for example excluding developers of customer-facing applications.

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this is what my law gpt says:

Indemnification will be provided if and only if:

  1. Infringement Claim: There is a claim of infringement by the Services.

And all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Independent Use: The Services are used independently without combination with products, services, or software not provided by us.
  2. No Unauthorized Modifications: The Services are used without any fine-tuning, customization, or modification by any party other than us.
  3. No Involvement of Your Data: The claim does not involve any input or training data provided by you.
  4. Compliance: You have complied with this Agreement and all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards.
  5. Unrelated to Customer Application: The claim does not arise specifically because of your Customer Application.

gpt-4 is not a lawyer. neither am I

but my reading of this is that this basically only covers the direct resale of the API.

Is there a clear answer to te original question : where are the terms for the OpenAI Copyright shield ?

Yes, the answer was provided above:

Did you have any further specific question in this regard?