Where can I read the Terms and Conditions for the API service?


I can’t find the terms and conditions for the API services. I don’t want the FAQs available here. I’m looking for the full terms and conditions docs. I remember they were easily available in the openai webpage but now I can’t find them. Any help is appreciated.


There you go:


Thanks but that usage policy only. I was in fact looking for the privacy policy.

There you go.

Do you mean this one?

No, those terms are for ChatGPT, not the API service:

“This Privacy Policy does not apply to content that we process on behalf of customers of our business offerings, such as our API. Our use of that data is governed by our customer agreements covering access to and use of those offerings.”

Understood, the Enterprise privacy policy covers API and ChatGPT Enterprise and can be found here

That’s the correct link, where all usage, terms, policies, legal are collected. Discover the policies of prepaid credits, for example.

They have big boxes for selecting each - which could (but don’t) have some description of the contents.

Yes, but that is only FAQ. I was looking for the full legal privacy policy for the API services.
For example. The policy regarding the use of data to further train their models. Is hard for me to believe that the terms and conditions regarding this issue is the FAQ: “Does OpenAI train its models on my business data? Absolutely not. We do not use your business data, inputs, or outputs for training our models.”. There must be somewhere the full legal text.

Terms of use 3:

(c) Use of Content to Improve Services. We do not use Content that you provide to or receive from our API (“API Content”) to develop or improve our Services. We may use Content from Services other than our API (“Non-API Content”) to help develop and improve our Services. You can read more here about how Non-API Content may be used to improve model performance. If you do not want your Non-API Content used to improve Services, you can opt out by filling out this form. Please note that in some cases this may limit the ability of our Services to better address your specific use case.

API Platform FAQ:

OpenAI may securely retain API inputs and outputs for up to 30 days to identify abuse. You can also request zero data retention (ZDR) for eligible endpoints if you have a qualifying use-case. For details on data handling, visit our Platform Docs page.

If you haven’t put your signature on a two party contract with consideration, but instead there is just a unilateral statement of policy, you’re not going to have “full legal”, except when such policy is overridden by local law on privacy.


Thanks, that’s good enough for me. But anyway, I think a signature is nor mandatory. For example most terms and conditions are accepted by the traditional “I Agree” or “I Accept” click.