Copyright Shield Support - DevDay Announcement

During the developer community, Sam Altman talks about a ‘Copyright Shield’ that would prevent developers from being sued. How does that work? Hypothetically, if I scrap the entire Harry Potter franchise, am I protected from being sued by the publisher?

OpenAI is committed to protecting our customers with built-in copyright safeguards in our systems. Today, we’re going one step further and introducing Copyright Shield—we will now step in and defend our customers, and pay the costs incurred, if you face legal claims around copyright infringement. This applies to generally available features of ChatGPT Enterprise and our developer platform.

That is the complete entirety of such a program even existing.

“Generally available” would be things the AI generally would generate.

Applicable not to ChatGPT. Applicable not to you “jailbreaking”. Applicable not to you uploading or prompting with copyright works. Other things you can construe that to mean. Applicable not to people that don’t have any way of contacting a human at OpenAI. etc.

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So, if I upload copyrighted data to train the custom GPT model I am building, this would not fall under Open AI’s Copyright Shield

Yes, OpenAI’s promise of using a billion dollar war chest to demonstratively crushing independent creators attempting to assert their rights would not apply to you.