Where is the python interpreter?

I now have access to the chatGPT browser version and the plug-in version, but in the plug-in store I only see third party plug-ins, is the Python interpreter by openAI not released yet?


If I understand correctly, it is currently not possible to apply for the code interpreter plugin, because the code interpreter is still in the alpha testing stage.
Plus members can get plugins that are in Beta testing, and the Browsing and Plugin have already entered Beta testing.
However, OpenAI has closed the application portal for plugins, so it is temporarily impossible to join the alpha testing anymore.

check at ChatGPT plugins waitlist
and Introducing New Features in ChatGPT | OpenAI Help Center


I see, thanks for the explanation, that makes sense, will have to wait a little bit more then. I was looking forward to the python interpreter, since that would make my current use case much smoother; however I already have a lot of new functionality to try out right now. So far the wolfram alpha plug-in seems very powerful, I know need to try the browser and see if it is good for finding research papers.