Where is the plugin installed?


I want to install a plugin. Now I just wonder where is the ChatGPT plugin installed. In my OpenAI account(remotely) or on my local computer(locally)?

If installed locally, then I have security concern and need to make sure it is secure before installing it.

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Are you talking about ChatGPT plugins? The only official and safe ones are available within your ChatGPT Plus account.

Or are you talking about browser extensions?


I am talking about ChatGPT plugins. Thank you.

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ChatGPT plugins are not installed locally on your computer. Instead, they operate remotely within the OpenAI platform. When you use a ChatGPT plugin, it’s integrated within the cloud-based ChatGPT environment on OpenAI’s servers. This means you don’t need to download or install anything on your local machine. Always ensure you’re using official plugins provided by OpenAI to ensure security and reliability.

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