Where is the official ChartGPT API

I am a ChartGPT Plus subsciber. I want to call through the API

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There is no ChatGPT API openly available at the moment, Plus or otherwise.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Is there any way to send prompts via API to ChatGPT right now? Or do I have to wait for the ChatGPT API to get released? I’m sorry if this seems like I answered my own question but I’ve seen other comments that seem to indicate you can get ChatGPT responses by how you word your request to the GPT-3 API. Any help would be appreciated!

No. There is no ChatGPT API at this time!

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Apologies if this is annoying but I’ve seen other people that indicate you can get ChatGPT responses from the GPT-3 API. While it is not an official ChatGPT API, I’m just trying to determine if there’s any way at this time to get ChatGPT responses via any API.

ChatGPT uses GPT-3.5.

The API uses GPT-3.

The models are not the same so you cannot get the exact same responses.

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Do you just want an endpoint that you can ask questions and do tasks like ChatGPT, to get a response back?

Or are you wanting the back-and-forth conversation with a chatbot with some form of short-term memory?

The first can be done with the OpenAI API completion end point. The second can also be done with a bit of work - but is not a simple end point.

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… and the responses with be different than ChatGPT.

If you want ChatGPT behavior and responses @eltonjock you should just wait for the ChatGPT API.

If you want to experiment with building a generic chatbot now, you can use the OpenAI API and write some session management code because the OpenAI API does not have session management like ChatGPT .

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I’m very new to all of this, so I’m more than anything trying to make sure I’m even going in the right direction. I want to send text to ChatGPT that’s been auto transcribed via AWS’s ‘Transcribe’ SDK.

So I talk into a microphone → AWS ‘Transcribe’ converts dialogue to text → Send text to ChatGPT.

I’m also wondering if I can go ahead and start setting this up and then adjust the coding once the ChatGPT API is released.

Do you know of any resources on how to set up session management?