Is there an API for ChatGPT3?

I am having endless fun with ChatGPT3:

Is there an API for using ChatGPT3? If not, does anyone know if there are plans for one? I’d pay for it (in case any OpenAI staff are listening).


Only open source implementations so far:


Thanks. Any reason to use one solution over the other?

I guess -pardon my interruption- you should choose the solution that is easier to develop according to your skill.

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Sorry for being dull about this, but isn’t this essentially 003? I mean, even better since you can give it your own persona and prompts if you like and tailor it. Am I wrong about this, or is ChatGPT something fundamentally different?

The data collection process is different. ChatGPT is optimized for dialogue and, therefore, the first fine tuning stage uses data in dialogue form.

However, I believe that’s the only noticeable difference between “text-davinci-003” and ChatGPT. The process for training both engines and the model architectures are identical: fine-tuning an instruct model + reward model + PPO

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Ah, that’s interesting. Thanks for the clarification. That makes a lot of sense, because as with almost all my use of these models, I have prebaked some prompts to ensure they do dialogue (and did that with 003 too), so I wouldn’t have noticed whether or not it was geared for that anyway. Though I did notice that it did great dialogue with much more minimal prompts than 001 (which needs lots of context of course). Even in one case where I didn’t give it a name, I recall that it was happy to oblige and create a label for its turn to speak. So it seems 003 chatbot will be quite trivial compared to what I’m used to right now. Just a bit of a fork in the road on how long the permitted answers should be.

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I believe that any attempt to turn ChatGPT3 into an API is against the intention and perhaps against the terms of service. We have to wait for OpenAI to release an official API.

Glad to help! Really looking forward for the release of the official API of ChatGPT :slight_smile:

The OpenAI Node.js library provides convenient access to the OpenAI API from Node.js

That only seems to support the current OpenAI API interface where you have to keep supplying all the history, every time. That is not what this Topic is about.


Yes! they call it GPT3.5 Turbo, but its fairly inexpensive and allows use of other models!

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Yes, this conversation predates the provision of access to the ChatGPT models via API (Please note you’ve commented 7 months later, which is a long time in this industry now!).

However! There is still no support for Conversation ID afaia … although that’s fairly moot and it’s pretty easy to keep a local memory and include history in the prompts for each call.

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