Where is the documentation for the Python OpenAI SDK?

I’m new to Python so sorry if there’s some convention I’m missing. I’m trying to use the OpenAI SDK but there doesn’t seem to be any way to know what methods it has or what parameters they take and return.

Where can I find this information?


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Welcome to the best dev forum in history!

Check out the Quickstart Guide if you haven’t yet. Lots of good stuff to get started.

Also of use is the OpenAI Cookbook

Be sure to come back and ask if you get stuck.

As near as I can tell, they’ve got it all in a single Markdown file at the moment:


I would expect at some point they’ll prop some actual Sphinx-generated docs, but I haven’t yet been able to find any after poking around for it myself.


Yeah, today that page is all we have, I started a thread with the team on getting a fully fledged SDK spec into the docs on platform.openai.com.

Might take a few weeks but we should do it.


Great to hear - thanks, @logankilpatrick!

In the interim, I’ve hacked together an MkDocs site with API ref generated from the OpenAI Python library:

I’m still hacking on it so things might move around a bit, but you can click around and see what’s there, at least.

And, though it’s mentioned on the site, I’ll say it here: those docs are unofficial and unsupported! However, they’re there (for now) if anyone would like to use them.


UPDATE: Fresh Python API reference docs (UNOFFICIAL) just published for new library version v1.13.0.

I’ve just started in on the augmentation of the docstrings in the library itself, and while this is but a tiny blip of what still needs documenting, you can see some new stuff here: