There's no Response documentation for any API calls

I could have swore there used to be documentation for the API response fields but there’s nothing. Not a single API call documents the response fields returned. Furthermore there’s not even an example of the response for functions:

Can we get this fixed?


Are you aware of “The OpenAI Cookbook”?

The OpenAI Cookbook shares example code for accomplishing common tasks with the OpenAI API.

Yes… But that’s not reference documentation. Those are guides. Sorry not trying to be pedantic but reference docs are (or at least should be) detailed descriptions of every API call and input+ouput parameter. I build SDK’s on top of this stuff so I’m going off the reference docs to build my various SDK’s…


It’s details like this that should be in the reference docs, not buried as a comment in an interface definition somewhere:

Yes, the docs are a little undoc’ed. Here are some other examples you probably know: GPT - OpenAI API Guides

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Good feedback, we have wanted to do this for a while but it has not been a priority, I will work with the team on getting this updated!


I have seen examples using well defined type hints, if the team moves these to pydantic generating swagger docs should be trivial from there