Where I can find out the dates of the upcoming OpenAI releases?

Hello :wave:
Our project largely depends on having an API that is as functional as the public version. At the moment, in the public version you can do things that cannot be done through the API. For example, usage the ‘seed’ or ‘gen id’ of one image to generate a new one in a similar style - this is a pressing issue for many on this forum.

In this regard, the question is, perhaps somewhere I can find out the dates of the upcoming releases, and what changes are expected in them?

Our team needs to know whether to expect OpenAI to solve this in the next month, or look for alternatives, which, frankly, are not that many and require a lot more work.


Hi there - I think we would all love to have more certainty over the timelines of upcoming releases and changes but unfortunately that information is not available to the public.