Open AI Vision API - when is it releasing?

Are we getting the access to the vision APIs anytime soon? Now, with chatgpt plus we can use the images and prompt the system around the images. But, we can’t do the same using APIs. I have been hearing the rumor that these APIs are coming soon - but how soon - no body knows. Please guide if you know more on this.
Thank you

Based on Logan’s tweet, it’s very likely to be featured at OpenAI DevDay.

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Need a Twitter account to read, since x locked out anyone not logged in and monetized.

Twitter is for PR spin, not developer support.

For those without Twitter/X, it just points to this link:

How did you find out about OpenAI DevDay? I didn’t receive an email. Where’s the place place to get OpenAI updates? Email is obviously not a good channel.

Think it was another tweet.

BTW, not the first “DevDay”. Here’s the “welcome girl geeks, we’re hiring your gender”