When will the DALLE2 experimental model be released on the API?

Hi all, I’ve been using the image generation API to build our app happily. However I’ve been seeing amazing results from the dalle experimental model these weeks and would love to integrate it into our app. With Bing Image Creator suspiciously using the experimental model, are we expecting the exp model available to OpenAI image generation APIs? Thank you!


Eagerly waiting here too. I want to hook it up to my existing toolset.

Me too! Would be great to get a rough timeline. Dall-E 2 seems very out of date now when compared to the experimental version

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Following. I would love to have access to that. @logankilpatrick, buddy, pal, dev hero, any word on this? Thanks!

Same question. Why are we in the dark on this?

I don’t understand why someone can’t reply to any question on this? I’ve tweeted, FB, IG, etc. Even if they just said yes, the API will get the update when ready, or no, you’ll have to recode, or it will be four months, or how about, we’re not sure… Eventually DALLE will be so out of date when other models release APIs, but we’re all already invested here, so eagerly waiting on word.