Where do I start with Dall.e?

Okay I’ve received my Dalle beta E-Mail, signed up and ready to go. How do I start generating images? I need some help.


I didn’t found a guide when I started. But it is pretty intuitive.
If there is a official Guide i would appreciate the Link :slight_smile:

You should have this Link

There you should be able to log in an then you have the interface.

Now you can start with just writing anything you like.

Results in something like:

Right to the results are your recent generation.
It saves ca. 50 generations.

You have in the 4 result view a drop down where you can take further actions.
Screenshot 2022-07-24 131525

or you click on the image and the a bigger version, again with the options.

Flag is the Icon for Report.
You can report images for sensitive/biased content or just pictures which do not match the description

Arrow Down is the Icon for download
In Addition you can share and save.
If you save stuff, you also keep the promt. I would advise to save a lot!

You can then generate variations or edit.

Variation: You have no control of the variation

Edit: You can erase something and edit the text to match what you want. Scale size of the eraser with the right slider.

Be careful with erasing, its erasing you don’t alter the existing you get something new in the given context. So if you erase the face to get a older/younger for example you get a whole new face.

Results in something like.

You can also start with an upload and then make variations or edit.

On discord they share a daily theme where you can participate.
I don’t know of any instructions what they like to have tested.

Have fun!


This is my favorite guide on DALL-E: The DALL·E 2 Prompt Book – DALL·Ery GALL·Ery

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