When will openai finally bring the knowledge to 2023?

Having knowledge cut off in 09/2021 not that handy in many cases.

Does anyone know if and when openai plans to offer knowledge to 2023?

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There is no official word on more recent data being included, I would imagine it is being actively worked on but is expensive and time consuming to clean and prepare data for ingestion.

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nothing to back this up BUT, i’d say it’s maybe being explored though probably unlikely as constantly sourcing/preparing/training new data would not really be feasible in the long run.

i’d think that the idea behind plugins and browsing(rip) was to be able to augment the existing data with these tools to keep it more up to date

if you consider the goal of agi, you’re going to focus on building better more capable systems (gpt5 research) instead of spending time and money on just having the most current data set since whatever the next SOTA model is will probably be more capable with less data vs the gpt2 architecture with all the newest data.