How do I get chatgpt 4 api

I tried a payment plan of $10 hoping to use chatgpt 4 API but I realized that the API I am currently using has a cutoff knowledge September 2021. Does this confirm I do not have chatgpt 4 API?

Every helpful replies welcomed…

It does not confirm anything.

As of my last knowledge update, gpt-4 accessed via the API does not have more than a trickle of additional knowledge after the date seen and set by the ChatGPT system prompt.

API’s gpt-3.5 and 4 have identical knowledge answering capabilities, they are just separated by skill.

Full integration of new world knowledge would take massive training and validation of a new AI model, (say, one named GPT-V), so you’ve got another year to wait unless you use your own data augmentation techniques when programming your AI.

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