When searching in the assistant, the file references seems to be wrong

I am using the assistant and have attached a few documents. When searching for something in the documents I get references back in the information looking like this: 【1†source】【7†source】【9†source】. But no clickable links. I can do “show me document 1” or 7 or 9 but they will all be links to the same document. I can also do “show me source” and it will point to the same document.

But sometimes it shows a clickable link. Why just sometimes?

My theory is that assistants are premature undeveloped boondoggles.

Going off of that, you can assume something is going on like the chunked parts of an embedded document that come from a vector database are still being given the annotation even though it is meaningless to the file retrieval system, and therefore, you must catch and discard those references to non-existent files.