How do the Assistants / GPTs sources relate to the file names?


the assistants / GPTs specify the sources in the form of【43†source】(tested in playground). However, it is unclear to me what the mapping is between this source information and the file name.

I have seen here that this is also unclear to others, but this should be a separate post - in my opinion.

Has anyone figured out the mapping?

One approach that got me further, but so far it is unclear if the information is correct, is the prompt:

Please create a bibliography of your sources mentioning the source【】and the title / filename of the source.

However, it would be better if I could derive the file name + page / chunk from 【43†source】.

Just tried some more prompts, with the result:

My apologies for the confusion earlier. If you only have the citation reference 【43†source】, without any previous context provided by me, you would not be able to directly derive the filename from that citation reference alone. The citation reference is a link I use to refer back to the specific source which I have quoted. To retrieve the filename, you would need the full context or the accompanying bibliography entry. Without this provided by me, you would not be able to determine the filename solely from the citation reference 【43†source】. To access the filename, you would typically rely on me quoting the title of the file, as in the example you cited, or referencing the file’s title in a bibliography I provide.

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You can access the sources using the file_citations annotations in each assistant message. See OpenAI Platform

I have a similar issue with the Playground, where I get source markers but with empty annotation sections when I look in the Playground logs section

For example, the text section of the response contains
“The Canaanite Hyksos:\n - The Hyksos were a Canaanite dynasty that ruled over Egypt, bringing with them northern military tools and exercising control over Egypt for a brief time during 1670-1570 BCE【21†source】”
but the corresponding annotation section is empty.

Are there perhaps some file types (these are PDFs) where annotations are not supported? Or could the behavior in the playground be different than the API?

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My annotations are also empty (Playground) and I haven’t had the time to take a closer look at / test the suggestion from Jeff.

However, I would assume that the annotations should also be available in the playground logs.

And I also don’t understand why this prompt works

“Please create a bibliography of your sources mentioning the source【】and the title / filename of the source.”

when the annotations are missing?

This one worked for me too but I think it should be listed in annotations section with proper file info.

Any updates on this? Is there anyway to fetch this from Annotations ? Mine is still empty

If you can DM me your thread ID, I can try to take a look.

For other folks on this thread, please see for how annotations work

I am also seeing this issue. I clearly have logs from earlier this month with annotations, but my recent ones are not showing any annotations other than in the response.

Hello all.
I’m having the same problem, and couldn’t find a solution that worked from the suggestions here.

The more serious problem is that the answer provided by the assistant is not related to the question asked in any way.

I’m trying to trace back the issue, but the annotations are empty (even though there are sources referenced in the response).

@jeffchan I’ve tried working through the suggested example, but I get an empty list of annotations.

thread ID if anyone can help is:

I just created and tested a new assistant beforehand. With this new assistant, the source entries / annotations work.

If I test the assistant I created in November once again, the problem with the annotations persists.

@david.tal has your assistant been created recently or has it been created some time ago? Perhaps creating a new assistant will help.