Whats going on with GPT 4?

Hello OpenAI Team

I’ve been an avid user of ChatGPT-4 since its launch and have generally been impressed with its capabilities. However, over the past two weeks, I’ve noticed a significant decline in its performance. The responses have been increasingly error-prone, inaccurate, and less reliable than before. This is concerning, especially for those of us relying on its precision for professional tasks.

Initially, I wondered if this change was aimed at encouraging users to switch to paid plans. However, I am open to understanding if there are other reasons behind this shift in quality.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Any insights or updates from the OpenAI team would be greatly appreciated.


Let me know if there’s a response! I’m losing my mind!

I’ve been experiencing the same issues. Network errors, mind-boggling long delays, crashes and very inaccurate responses… I’m considering cancelling my subscription…