What would be the best environment to make a GPT based rpg game?

Hello !

I have a question, hoping it fits correctly in the forum.

So I’m currently having fun with gpt3.5 to make a RPG using regular code enhanced by open AI image and text APIs. (basically having a story and choices + image description).
I want to make so multiplayer cooperation with some features to add your friends, play with them and track your game history.

Even if it’s only a small project, I want it to be available on the maximum number of devices.

Now my question is what would be the best tech stack to continue this project ?
Mainly I have some experience with Unity and basic fullstack stuff (Typescript / Next / Express).
To handle the multiplayer part of the game, maybe some chat / vocal in the future, etc…
What should be the correct tech stack to go to ?

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Hello Leo, Based on your requirements and Unity experience, here’s my recommended tech stack:

  • Game Engine:

    • Unity: No doubt as mentioned you have experience
  • Multiplayer Service (Choose any based on preference):

    • Photon PUN2
    • Mirror
    • Netcode,Lobby, Matchmaking, and Relay by Unity’s Multiplayer Service
      or Fully your own
  • Authentication:

    • Firebase: Robust and easily integrates with Unity.
  • GPT-3.5 Integration:

    • You can create your own or consider using available integrations on GitHub. there are some good Repo for unity + openai, like this one Github Repo
  • Chat/Vocal:

    • Vivox: Provides voice and text chat services for Unity games.
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@Leouarz, let’s hear a bit more about what type of RPG you want to make, the answer to your question depends on how you want the game to look and play, pokemon and Skyrim are both RPGs, but they’re made very differently :laughing:

Also, you’ll need to call the API via a server even if you create an executable via Unity.

I’ve been working on a roguelike RPG, if you’d like to hear more.

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Hello @Innovatix, thank you for your answer, those are kinda the tools I had in mind, feels really great to read it here too. Sometime feel like an overkill.

Definitely thanks for taking the time.

Hey @N2U, I definitely do not have the ambition for those games.
I just want to mimic some table top RPGs based on a lot of different choices and scenarios. Basically, I want to explore the tech and have a way to play with my friends in distance and have some images to give context.

Hey @PaulBellow, I’m still thinking of having an express server just for the AI, the server will handle fine tuned gpt request and image API. Sometime feel like an overkill to use Unity to, in the end, display texts, images, basic inventory and some kind of chat (or even just use discord for talking).

I definitely want to hear more about you roguelike game :smiley: