What is the status with GPT store revenue share

I am wondering whatever happened to the GPT store revenue sharing proposal? There was news that OpenAI would start sharing revenue at the end of the first quarter. But that time has already passed.

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The revenue sharing program is in an experimental/pilot stage. Official info by OpenAI:

Monetizing your GPT - FAQ

We are partnering with a small group of builders to test GPT earnings based on usage. Our goal is to foster a vibrant ecosystem where builders are rewarded for their creativity and impact, and users have a wide range of highly useful GPTs.

How can I be selected?

Selection is currently limited to a select group of US-based builders who have created popular and engaging GPTs in the GPT Store. We are not currently accepting additional builders.

How does it work?

Builders will receive earnings based on usage of their GPT. Our goal is to partner with builders to develop and fine-tune our strategy for GPT monetization, recognizing and rewarding builders whose creativity and commitment have enriched the ecosystem. Additional details will be provided at the program’s completion.

When will monetization be generally available?
We hope to allow more builders to monetize their GPTs down the line, and will provide more information when we can.

Source: https://help.openai.com/en/articles/9119255-monetizing-your-gpt-faq


It would be great to get paid in stock options :smile: