Custom GPTs - Shared Revenue Model

Dear Community,

does anybody knows details of the Shared Revenue Model?
In particular:
Which percentage will go to the creator of the GPTs?

Which unit of measurement will be taken into account for the percentage?
(…Number of token used by an user?..others? )

How OpenAI will actually pay the GPTs creators? …discounts on the fees for OpenAI Plus account, actual back transfers, …others…?

Which is (more or less) the threshold(s) (or their designing criteria) in the unit of measurement that make a GPTs creator, allowed to be paid?

The use of GTPs Action will be considered a costs for the Custom GPTs that can be subtracted by the revenue of the custom GTP?
If yes, how this cost will be measured? Number of bytes transferred in the API calls?

Many thanks for your feedback.

Have a great day.

Kindest Regards.