What is the most suitable Model to plot graphs and charts in response

Am a LLM Noob yet assigned a task to integrate Gen AI with my web portal.
Seeking inputs from OpenAI community of Genius . Please give me direction to proceed .
Here is more details to what am I supposed to do .

My Web app works on data analysis , by getting minute-wise data for mechanical instruments , dumps the values in DB and show the analysis on UI.
Analysis - Charts , graphs , ranking forcasts , performance of intruments , comparisons etc .

The ask is to have GenAI integrated to answer questions like :
" What is the February Month Performance Analysis Actual % or Inverter_01"
Or “Plot chart / Bar graph for full month performance of Inverter_01”

The Web App is designed in Java/Spring /JPA/Postgres/Spring boot

Technical stack am planning to have would be java/Spring/Spring Boot / lanchain4j. Please correct me this point . Am I making a good choice for tech stack?

Another crucial question is the choice of Model(s) to cater my need . Please help me with model selection to have text response, charts plotted and graphs done.