Generate graph using openAI API

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I am 10 days noob baby in AI and with the help of forum community I was able to solve many things. So, I am looking to get some help again of how to ask gpt to generate a graph from the data.
As far I know, first I have to create the functionality of plotting the graph then OpenAI API will come into play for user to ask the question. But I am missing some points here don’t know what. I know this theoretically how to do that practically and which model should be used. I am not using Python for my project and I guess programming language won’t play the big role overhere. Any link or suggestion will help me alot.

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You should try using the Assitant API with GPT-4o, you can upload a CSV and ask the assistant to generate a graph from the file!

You don’t actually need code if you do it in the OpenAI console and don’t want to display it on a website.!

But I have to display in the website. It’s a customer project where the customer will ask the question and the graph will be generated using openAI API. Correct me if I am wrong ,Assistant API is used for internal purpose

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You can look at my App OpenAssitantGPT, it can help you with that. Built-in feature to display an assistant in a website, the only solution is to code it yourself or use a thirdparty app.

  1. Create a chatbot
  2. Add it to your website
  3. Ask him to generate a graph base on stats
  4. Graph will be displayed

I did this with a custom csv file using the app!

But you could probably also use something than the assistant to generate graph as long as you have the gpt-4o it should do the trick!

The Assistant API is good if you have custom content and need to search etc… from what I understand it can be used for internal and external use.

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Thanks for you suggestion. I was able to generate the graph without using Assistant API. Going for the custom one.

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Slightly separate topic but stumbled across your amazing website while looking through the forums. Im currently in the process of trying to integrate the assistant into Teams and I was wondering whether your platform had any plans to feature this!

There is currentlty no solution for this, but using this Dialogs - Teams | Microsoft Learn could do the job!