What happens when you query an English plugin in Spanish?

So I tested my plugin, written using English prompts and descriptions, with a Spanish query. My plugin does quite a bit of text processing, including calling google customized search api and calling openai gpt-3.5-turbo, sometimes with lengthy (English) prompts.

Much to my (happy) surprise, chatGPT seems happy to switch languages ‘on the fly’, accepting my English prompts and the Spanish user text, and presenting the final result in the original user query language. How cool is that! More testing needed, but seems promising. YMMV


Yeah I noticed this too when typing the instructions like “Please summarize this text:” and pasting in foreign language news articles. Very cool stuff.

There is another microsoft project called VALL-E. It is a text to speech project. It supports English text to other language voice. No intermediate translation either. All directly in the model itself.