Issue with GPT-4's Response to Non-English Language Instructions

Hello OpenAI Team,

I’m a developer of a ChatGPT plugin and have been analyzing the data from my plugin. I’ve noticed that in the past week, GPT-4’s responsiveness to certain instructions, especially those involving translating non-English user requests to English, has significantly declined. This was working seamlessly before. I wanted to bring this to your attention to see if there might be any underlying issues or updates that could be affecting this.

Thank you for your assistance and looking forward to a resolution.


Experienced the same now with function calling (visually not executed because of an error excuse) and following the system prompt (not followed at all). Did you come across a reason or any workaround?

I want to know how to write instructions, translate the user 's questions into English, and then answer them in the user 's language. There are still some mistakes, sometimes the output is still English, or the GPT can 't clearly understand the user 's non-English questions.