Multi language support like, and most other websites

How those content generator websites support multi language?

  • They get the results in English and translate it with translation APIs ? like Google Translate maybe?
  • Or they found a really good prompt to do that?

I really wonder how they do it.

Would love some ideas or help about this


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GPT is a large language model and is capable of few shot language translation.
ERNIE and BERT, some of the muppets models have been trained in multiple languages.
Transformers translate using language vector correlation, google translate is a totally different approach.
Quite dont understand your question.

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What you can do in, and some similar websites is you can type in English and get results in Russian (example lang) or you can type in Russian and get results in English or any other language. I am impressed with that I wonder how is that possible.

When I try to do the same in openai, I dont get what I want, even though I do openai is not that good with other languages. That’s why I thought those websites were translating the input into English (if it is not) and then getting results in English and translate it to desired language.

Did you try using BERT ? It might be more educational to understand how to make OpenAI work in other languages.

they more than likely use translation APIs. The reason for this is GPT-3 was not trained specifically on foreign language data and it works best in English.

A good way to test this is to try to write a prompt in another language and you’ll notice a drop off in quality.

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