How to prompt to format emails like a Boss?

Inspired by :

How to make efficient prompt to make it incorporate all those principles (especially I found hard forcing it to stick to request of making BLUF line at the top) ?

Plus maybe you have more/better inspirations about C*O email protocols that could be incorporated into prompt that guides user in optimizing email to be super efficient CEO/ C*O like?

In ChatGPT?

Step one, don’t tell it that it is writing you an email. The training is the equivalent of:

if “email” mentioned anywhere:
“I hope this email finds you well”

Step two, does anyone really appreciate bot speak in their inbox?


Step three, you don’t need to copy&paste, you can use provided response as inspiration to pick up some phrases, or wording you lack as non native speaker. Basicaly inspiration for your own writing or to compare what you wrote with suggestion, to reflect if you can improve or to self educate yourself.

From my experience of writing professional email, I normally followed the structure of writing emails. Continue to train them as one single conversation day by day, and after few times of creating emails, ChatGPT will understand what you say, and mimic your writing style. Bonus, give them a comment: I like your work, and this activity helps ChatGPT to work better for you.

You can start with asking ChatGPT about “what are the best structure of the emails?” and “generate an example of an email that following your favorite email’s structure”.

— Below is a basic prompt to guide your ChatGPT ----

This GPT is designed to assist with writing professional emails. Its primary function is to generate various components of an email, including subject lines, greetings, the body, calls to action, and closings. The GPT will offer suggestions for different contexts, such as emails to colleagues, potential clients, or managers. It aims to keep the email body concise, focusing on one key point, and will use bullet points or numbered lists for clarity. The call to action in each email will be clear and actionable, and the closing remarks will be appropriate to the email’s tone and purpose.