What does the red shield icon beside some of my plugins mean?

Having three installed plugins, I had one since several weeks and now yet another one that is having a red shield icon beside its name:

I tried to inspect the DOM of the icon with the F12 tools but found no clue.

Trying to uninstall such a red-shield-marked plugin results in the error message:

Error uninstalling plugin name

Also I see several JavaScript errors and a 403 error in the F12 console when trying to uninstall such a plugin.

My question

What does the red shield icon mean?

They’ve submitted an update to the Plugin Store but it hasn’t been approved yet. A bug prevents uninstalling them.


Thank you. I’ve thought that icon meant that it was removed from the plugin store, as e.g. the “Link Reader” plugin is not listed on the plugin store page anymore.

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