What causes ChatGPT to Produce zero Output?

I’d post this in a more relevant subcategory, like “Help” or something but it doesn’t exists.

I’m basically stuck and can’t use ChatGPT

I have a team workspace which was working previously

Now no matter what prompt I put in, it never replies. It just sits there blinking and never fails or says anything.

It’s been like this for a few days

Any feedback on hold to solve?

upon inspecting my console, I see the following error pop the moment I try to submit anything

TypeError: Failed to execute ‘getReader’ on ‘ReadableStream’: ReadableStreamDefaultReader constructor can only accept readable streams that are not yet locked to a reader
at em (_app-fb4aee8b03acbd7c.js:26:2445631)
at eP (_app-fb4aee8b03acbd7c.js:26:2447847)

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Been like this for me aswell the past few days, super annoying.