What are your thoughts?

What have you used CHAT for? Have you learned anything new?
I am a newbie to the whole AI chat and my how much i have enjoyed it. Using it for resume assistance, learning laws on housing, rights, oh i could go on… love it. :heart:

We are creating a Prompt as a Service platform for folks to offer their productivity prompts to others for free or for pay. We are launching in a week or two and got hundreds of interested users from Twitter.

A great demonstration of Wolfram Alpha and ChatGPT

huggingface LangChain

good to stack in Langchain

perhaps ChatGPT greatest weakness is that it is blind and deaf
Aligning sound and vision with text would be good.


Also ChatGPT could do with spacial awarness"

Love ChatGPT code translation would be good too. Love it, had a great discussion about implimenting a UBI… Love it.