What are your hopes for the GPT Store?

What are you hoping to see when the GPT Store goes live?


  • A dynamic and engaging store, not just the same GPTs presented repeatedly, or in the same order.
  • Increased protection of GPT instructions / uploaded files (Ideally 100% protection)
  • Management of intentional copy-cat spammers.
  • Usage statistics for GPT developers.
  • GPT name management - Nothing stopping people copying the most popular GPT names.
  • User selected store names (Not Visa card name).
  • Ability to change name after the GPT was created.
  • Measures to avoid issues like the recent disappearance of uploaded GPT files.
  • Clear understanding of profit sharing
  • Easy to navigate the store
  • Removal of low effort GPT’s that add no real value.
  • GPTs can be used without rapidly depleting the users AI quota.

There are some good ideas in your post already!

I would like to add a clear path to different monetization options besides the announced revenue sharing mechanism.

For example, hiding special knowledge behind a paywall in order to enable GPT supported consultations by a human expert.

Following the path of monetization there are so many options and it would be great to know what we can develop to recover development and upkeep costs.

One comment about “low-effort” GPTs: I personally believe that the market should take care off this. If my GPT was just a lazy prompt behind a soft paywall it’s very unlikely that large amounts of profits can be made and the store’s mechanics to discover really helpful GPTs should accommodate this.

Looking forward to what the other members of the community have to say!


Hoping for some kind of general idea that helps me know what could cause any issues. Something that protects the users privacy but helps builders understand which part needs performance improvement

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Will the store be accessible to ppl who aren’t subscribed to GPT Plus?
(I’m subscribed but it would cause a lot more traffic)

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Yes, this is a great list. Did anyone else receive the survey they sent out? I asked a couple of those questions. Yea biggest thing for me is monetization. Will they simply pick the ones that are the most popular? And if so, how will they ensure it’s protected from other copy cat ones? Most of the ideas are very easily duplicated.

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No, currently the store is only going to be available to subscription users.

My hope for the GPT store is for it to be minimalistic, with the ability to find other people’s GPTs, but not have them all showing on a few pages. I think having a search bar to find a specific one.

Edit: After seeing the GPT store all my hopes are verified.


I see GPTs being very useful on an individual basis/for personal projects or business purposes. Otherwise I don’t see them being popular - much like the ChatGPT plugins failed. This is because you can do anything in a normal ChatGPT chat.

I understand your logic. Consider this:

People could just make their own bread. but they don’t. Or they don’t know how. Or they can’t be bothered. Or they could, but it’s easier to get someone else to do it. Or they prefer the better quality of others.

Soon AI will provide the full solution, but there’s an interim period currently, where the solution is partly human, partly AI.

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You can’t connect to APIs in the default ChatGPT.

I think they really need to have a limited option for free users to try them out, which might convert them to Plus users.


I hope that GPT developers are given a period of pre-release notification about exactly how the App Store will work before it’s released, so GPT developers can ramp up in the appropriate direction(s).


Why the simplest concepts are some of the best ideas – this is an obvious Win/Win/Win… too bad the best solutions are often overlooked.

Today we received the drop email, nothing you mentioned inside it. I hope something more detailed will be communicated next weeks

I am not seeing any details yet from Openai on ‘revenue sharing mechanism.’ is there anything announced ?

Since the official release of the store is announced for next week we will find out soon.

This is the reason I don’t think the GPT Store will be the gold rush that some people think it will be. 20 bucks a month is a big barrier to widespread adoption.


Agreed. I paid $20 to create a GPT, but I would never pay anything, really, to play one. If the GPTs are not free, the GPT store will only be available, basically, to other GPT developers, which is not going to work well for anyone except OpenAI with what will amount to a “profit-via-empowering” smokescreen.

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I just don’t see them making them free because if billions of people are running the GPT without paying 20 bucks a month who is eating that cost to run the GPT?

Don’t think too much. No matter what you’re worried about The matter you want or things you are curious about You try exploring the website that is a marketplace for buying and selling prompts. That is a picture similar to what you would see in the official store. You can’t be too quick to decide if it’s going to sell when you know it. Everyone knows differently. Other people don’t know the same as us. I’ve been experimenting with creating prompts to get accepted for sales. Even though those images were originally recreated in just a few words, the elements of the images were always constant. But those methods cannot be sold. Making prompts into easy-to-use and stable templates It’s not easy. And there is always someone ready to pay for it.

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The biggest reason I believe that GPT’s are not going to be available for free users is the fact that GPT’s run GPT-4, Code Interpreter, DALL-E, and Web Browsing. These are all features only available to Plus users.


But, aren’t tokens still a thing with the GPT store? And if so, how could it be free? Who would pay for the tokens used for each query? And, if people know it’s free, wouldn’t that result in a LOT of tokens being expended?